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Pull Out The Candy

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[Hook x2: Big T]
Pull out the candy, cause it's time to shine
Turn up the Screw, because it's going down
Down South, we just balling mayn
Steady sliding on chrome, in the turning lane

That Ike got me sprayed, cause I'm always playa made
Don't even have to drive, to get parked in valet
I'm leaving candy dropping, when I'm tipping tipping wet
Elbows and dot the mirrors popped, and I got that beam set
Bout to park, where I can peep out my scene
Sitting on grown men, and every heiress has a screen
After this shit beaming, cause I'm ready for the weather
Dropping ashes on my buck, y'all original version of leather
I swang from the North to the South, like a monster
Enegland hard, cause it's still my name Yungstar
I'm crystal clear no tint, I want these boys to see
I'm on your local radio station, and your cable T.V.
I hear em saying Yung they stealing your style, they stealing your flow
What's happening you still rapping, when your shit hit the sto'
I tell em I'm still on my grind, I'm still on my note
And plus I got my own label, so I'm fin to get mo'

[Hook x2]

Here I come here I come, I know you hear me coming
Driving my bumper on Antoine, pick it up wait on Fondren
I be money laundering from here to London, way to Thailand
Boys and all the while on island, why I'm always smiling
Stop that I always frown, let the top down
Nigga like me I come down, I'm known to tech nine
Check your crew wreck the blue, wreck the red
I drop the top pull up, now I'm on the 'Stead
Moving grooving, stretch nation wide
Sipping satin, with them steering steady skating now
Why I'm stop and go, nigga got a lot of golds
A lot of shows, use to party at the Papa Deauxxx
A lot of mo' wanna get me, catch me slipping
All the trips and trade, cause the trades can be tricky
Marble seven fifty, you can't miss me
And just to sew it up, I got fo's going for fifty

[Hook x2]

I might jump out in flip-flops, and pajamas and a Clover flag
Of that California love and purple stuff, every moment is a Kodak
It's a known fact, when a shoulder break the wrist I could pull up
I'ma throw black and you stroll back, and take a look at my footage
What's that I'ma keep my crooked and X's, Screwston in cooking
And jamming Screw in they decks, cause down South Houston we got em shooken
You can catch me at IHOP or Frank's, can sit with twenty guns
To seeming love cash for later, have no less than twenty ones
I make em say man, when the candy dance through your city
Extra inches on our toys, separating the boys from the men
Vada-ving vada-voom, fresh out to loon and detail
Before you see me hear me riding, blowing big on Davin wheels
Turning MLK to a one-way lane, Fondren and Main fondling grain
Jump in the lane in something strange, with a bunch of bang ain't nothing changed
You love to swang, go on fire it up you know what to do
Pop and drop the top body rock, as I show love for Screw and let's

[Hook x4]
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