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Naomi Campell

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Naomi campell

Uh, I got a pet midget, I call him mugzy boags,
He's my best friend, and he's got stunted growth,
All the drugs he takes the reason that he's undergrown
But mess with us and we will start chuckin phones like russel crowe
I'm watchin money grow, yeah I got my wealth on me
And I'm about to book my trip to see chapele corbey,
I'm just tryna help her out because her cells boring,
And I just stumbled on some weed that she can sell for me.

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I've got a fantasy, a fantasy of partying with kate moss,
Retarded everyday and goin harder when they say stop,
They wanna get inside our heads fuck em',
Yo we aint bendin it like beckham yo we bendin it like ben cousins,
We aint stoppin till six in the mornin,
Fuck that, we aint stoppin till our chins hit the floor and we are out for
Everybody passes out goodbye, and 28 days laters what our house looks like,

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Yeah, I party the way that I want to,
So go on and judge me I'm not you,
Yo this is the way I've been liven forever,
And yes I'm admitting I've got to,
If you can bring jessica beil,
Yo we got the extacy pills,
We'll meet you in beverly hills we already payed for the medical bill,
For real, and still we runnin from cop cars,
This paranoya from never workin this jobs harsh,
We spend out days just, livin like were rockstars,
I guess in everyway we are without the rock part

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