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This is my promise to write to you,
So for you my every word,
Is the sinking feeling here in my chest.
I am so far from home but the further away we are
The closer I am.
The closer I feel, the further you get.
My hands hold on tight to your every word.
I won't let go, but I feel my eyes advert
From who I used to be.
We know the storms will come,
The winds they will sweep us all away.
Wrap me in your silver lining.
Torn between the roots of earth and the sky,
I left my heart behind, and I'm so far from home.
The weight is pulling me down,
In your circles I am spinning, in your circles
I'll wait forever.
Lost control, my hands grip the wheel,
But I can't see where the road is leading.
Please hold on dear I know you're worried,
Counting down the days do you remember.
Torn between the earth and the sky,
I left my heart behind.
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