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Listen up you bastard, i'm on to your game
This is the last time that i will speak your name
You always put yourself first, and thought of nobody else
She always gave you everything, got nothing for herself

Prey on the weakness, taking all you can get
Prey on the weakness, i will never forget

There is no way that you can hide
I will not be denied
I will deliver pain
When our two worlds collide

Did you think for a second, that i got nothing to say
You better sit your ass down, so i can ruin your day
You've cheated for the last time, and now it's come to a halt
Repent for your transgressions, and admit it's all your fault

Coward, blind man, look at me when i'm talking to you
Coward, blind man, can't you see, your time is through

Listen up you bastard, we're on to your game
Before the day is over, you will remember my name
She don't need your bullshit, and we don't need your lies
She's better off without you, we see through your disguise
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