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Locked away, sentence insanity
Living out this hell from year to year
So many voices down the hallway
Screaming out in paralyzing fear

Tell me why i suffer
Tell me why i'm here
I am haunted
Demons in the darkness
Just make em disappear
I am haunted

White coats surround me, they inject anxiety
Nothing but a memory
Bright lights above, so fascinating
Is that a scalpel coming for me

I am the light, i am the way
Just reach out and touch me
Come take my hand, you'll understand
You know you can trust me

Come back to me, come back to me
Just follow the bright white light
I feel no pain, but it's not the same
Something is just not right

Waking up, what the hell have you done to me
Blackened figures roam about the room
I cannot breathe, i'm sliding underground
They've buried me in my own tomb
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