Texty písní Arallu The Demon From The Ancient World Tzvaot ARALLU


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English translation from hebrew:Arallus Armys--------------------From the fire of hell break out the armys of ARALLUBetween the streets and alleys they slaughterAs great warriors they comeAnd protecting the holy places with their swordThe secret caves in the wallWill only bring you blood and deathThe end of religionsWill come from the two symbols that are the keysWhen the dome will open and the demons will be releasedThe worshipers of god will run away like black catsLIKE BLACK CATS!The secret of our existance lies under the temple mountThe destiny of humanity ticks like a time-bombInto the war we were bornInside the war we grow upSo in the war we will Attack!!Two symboles that are the keys to hellWill finaly bring god to be hung!
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