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Heat In The Glow

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Another night
you're out alone
you try to find someone
to build a little home
You've lost your trust
in what you feel
that's why you lock your heart with some big seal

Still you're hungry - for affection
for something deep - you can rely on
somebody's out there - but you are scared to try

When your body says yes
but your heart says no
you're missing desire
so that your love can grow
the fire is hot - but there's no heat in the glow
when your heart says no

Sometimes your wish
is your command
and then you're doing things
your heart don't understand
you hesitate
'cause you ain't sure
but the way he kissed was deep and pure

Ain't no way - of medication
when your heart has got no clue
ain't nothing - you can say or do

Don't loose your faith in love
just listen to the voice inside (of your heart)
sometimes the roads are rough
but you will make it home
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