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yeah, i'm all over this
i may be afraid of
i'm over..... i'll see
i swear, i swear
i'm out of reasons
don't worry me with ''no better''
you'll always be by me
i swear, i swear
if i left you- wouldn't be one time
if i let you- wanna be this time?
yes, i'll never be the one to say ''no''
reach out inside- yes your never mine
make it me
yeah, i'm all over this
i'm into the shelter
my mind is scarred with my name
i swear, i swear
ain't no reason i can't be behind the line
if i could make you want to make me down
yes there's nothing left but being at own
if i can wait- you might get me home
yes- i get my men... you come around and i'm gone
yes i want everything that wants the world- shame
na, na, na, na, na...
yes it's through
i'll always be there
set you free
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