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Carnal Forge

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Multifarious carnage
Meretriciously internecine
Sublime enmangling steelbath
Of escheated atrocities

Enigmatic longanimity of ruminent mass graves
Meritorious victory, into body-bags now scraped...

Regnant fleshpiles
The dead regorged
Osculatory majestic wrath
This carnal forge

Desensitized - to perspicuous horror
Dehumanized - fresh cannon fodder...

[Lead - Steer]

Meritorious horror
Perspicuous onslaught
Dehumanized - cannon fodder

Killing sanitized
Slaughter sanctified
Desensitized - to genocide

Reigning corpsepiles
Death regorged

Sousing bloodbath
Carnage forged...

In the cold, callous dignity of the mass grave...

[Lead - Amott]

Multiferocious carnage
Cruel, mendacious creed
Sublime, murderous bloodbath
Of fiscal atrocities

Inexorable mettle in redolent consomme
An opprobious crucible of molten human waste...

Priapismic deathpiles
Infinitely regorged
The smelting butchery
Of the carnal forge

Desensitized - to pragmatic murder
Dehumanized - into cannon fodder...
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