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Open Season

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I know you're looking for something
Trying to find a way
To bring me down
Surrounded by these thoughts
I'm closing in on a victim
Who'll never be found

Looking to justify the reasons
For the torture
You're spreading around
So disconnected from the real world
Your salvation
Coming from the underground
You found, the blood is spilling

Now it's open season
No one's found a reason
Why you had to
Hide your true intent
Beneath your cries
You offered no redemption
Only misconceptions
Along the way
You wore your cruel disguise
No reason here inside

Souls turn empty
Nothing's left
Got to remind me
Of every last regret
For once you've got to
Stay away
I can't stand you
Coursing through my veins
In chains, the blood is spilling

Now it's open season...

I sense the end
I begin to sweat
The aggravation is
So near death
You know we ain't
Seen nothing yet
Contemplate your final regrets
Don't forget the blood you're spilling

Now it's open season...
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