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Smokin' Stix

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[Intro: (MC introducing Coolio)]
Alright alright, alright alright alright.
Next we got a guy comin out from
Compton, California, gonna tell you all about his experiment with a drug called Stix.
That's some kind of embalment fluid mixed with scherm those niggas down in...ha, those black guys down in Compton.
[guy toking up]
Yo stop that!

[Hook (x2):]
Who got the bomb? Who got the bomb?
Somebody? Anybody? Who got the bomb?

[Verse 1:]
Pass me the dip, it's time to take a hit
of the potent ass shit the kind that make you strip
Two headed critter, now I'm an airplane
flyin high inside my brain
You know karate, I no rizzeign
Try to beat me down I feel no pain
Puffer, toker, loopy loop smoker
Coolio loca, laugh like The Joker
Loony, psychotic, nutty, kinda crazy
Down for mine that's the way mama raised me
Summertime we freak in the heat
Butt naked in the middle of the street
We're smokin stix

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 2:]
If you don't know how to do it, yo here's how ya do it
Take the scherm and cigarette and dip it in the fluid
Oh my God! Oh my God! Now the shit is lookin lovely
Light and stars all around me and above me
Never feelin good, I watch a motherfucker work
Try to step into the Circle I chop em up like wood
put em in an envelope and send it off to Interscope
Cos nigga's gettin short, I'm chokin from the smoke
I pass it to my homey so he can take a toke
Got a large loot, got it robbin that's cos I was broke
Jumped in the bucket, mad styles like a demon
If only you could trip off that shit that I'm seein
I got to get a grip cos the nigga's about to flip
Sometimes that's how it get when you're smokin stix

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 3:]
Wake up the next morning in a cold sweat
under the bed, soakin wet, wearin boots and a hair net
Empty .45 was layin on the dresser
Last night I played the role of the tester
Toked up a good bag, Jenna had a good nap
Flashback got me ready to scrap
I don't know what I done did
and I don't know where I done been
I know last night I robbed my friend
and if that's wrong then call it a sin
But I was broke and broke ain't no joke
and I can't cope without my Smith so
so dip it up and watch me suck it up
and I'll get fucked up and I might go nuts
So pass the loot motherfucker, pass the loot!
Pass the loot motherfucker to a troop
We're smokin stix
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