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Chase The Sun

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Can you imagine what's been goin' on
Put your hand in the fire
And you feel the storm
One small cross-stood at the edge of the road
My shoulders are weary to carry the load
Can we reach the summit, my head to the sky
My body and spirit are freedom's cry
There are no chains, so let me run
For all of my life, I will chase the sun
Both you and I we chase the sun
'O no, my eyes can see a world that shines
(World that shines)
And maybe I'm a drifter
But I'd rather be than to fall in line
(Fall in line)
'O the water wears the stone yea I know
Na, na, na
Don't take away from me, I
Don't take away, everywhere I go
Don't take away everything I do
Oh, Every little thing I do
There are no heroes, no rebels here
How the water runs deep
Where the brook is clear
(So, don't be afraid at the sound of the gun)
It's better for me to follow the sun
When all I say only means one thing
Naked eye discovering
Raise my fist and stand as one
For all of my life, I will chase the sun
Both you and I, we chase the sun
Chase the sun
Chase the sun
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