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Equivalent Equilibrium

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bare my teeth in a fit of stability
cling to level ground
balancing ability
side with the positive
more and more progressively
scale the negative mountain
always seem to loose my foothold

got enough gear
to settle in for the long run
one false move
precautions elude
tumble in the mood
never seem to gain my foothold

inconsistantly faltering between the two pales
not much chance in regulating
all systems go, red alert behavior
humanistic insfictincts
the other's demonic
stranglehold and bold
up front, within the contact of
devils amongst angels
running' all through ya

despite strong intentions
bi-polar reflux
to the natural
knock for hilarious maleficence
fireless negotiating
war infernal, duo eternal
tumultuos disorder

equivalent equilibrium
drop zone efficiency
control rate zero
rotous in all aspects
unhealthy malaise

human demon

berserker balistically
beset the sane mind
Behemoth unleashed
orovaked, irreversable
a product from this perishable life
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