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We'll save your children
Follow this illuminated line
This light that's held before you
Enshrined beneath this glare
Straight eye sare
Roped in, ensnared
Lost will of yours
Slipped past you
A passing glance
Long ago

Deity like foreskin
Draped lazily over
Your dying perception
Hunted by a illusion
Doubled over in delusion

Cumshot religions
Unions of weakness
Dazed and proud
Buried under the shroud

The blessed beasts
Worshipped in droves
Disposable dogmas
Believing the bullshit
Bleed from your hands
Dismally down to your knees
With your strength relinquished by you
We prey upon your bowing form

Day dreaming, idols deceiving
Enigmatic fixation

Age of piety
Mind expansion
A mystic cloud
Dead under the shroud
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