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Girl In The Moon

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How can I sleep tonight?
Tell me how mars survived
Fallen with stars -
She opened her arms...
Venus was in my sky.
How could it pass me by?
You silently served my time,
Even thru chains,
Rust and the rain -
You pulled away the tide...
Girl In The Moon,
I'm half-way there,
Girl In The Moon,
I see you everywhere...
Help me find a way of falling
Closer to you,
Girl In The Moon,
Girl In The Moon...
How could I weep tonight?
Touch and tears collide -
Gravity spins
Me into your wings,
And covers me in
your light...
You're the silent silver
lining my cloud
You're the secret flame
That never burns out,
Pull away this veil
And rise into view
Girl in the moon...
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