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Process of Annihilation

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Dive into your heart of silence
Where the strings of sorrow play our lullaby
We are the children of thousand ages
Dancing on the rhythm of a moonless night
I'm closing my eyes just to figure the moment
The exact place of your demise infection
My soul failing still to gain control
While it's growing inside
Carving a space here deep in a corner
Where the filth of your soul just can't hide
The stink of decay
As the memories whisper
Brand new demons offering your decline

And die
(Slit my soul to the core)
(God it never ends)
Or try to live just another day

Right now this decay is corroding the surface
Both the shape and the core of your mind
As a struggle between
Your primeval instincts
What you're craving for escapes through time
Incinerate my soul
Drive the nails right through the palm of my hands
Suffocate my throat
Feed me with dirt and anger god it's breaking me apart

Nail the sadness to your sense of revulsion
Watch her bleed a very last time
Rip the feathers from her fragile wings
Now consecrate your wrath
Burn this sickening hurt
Deep inside you're frozen
Desecrate your lust
A black angel in disguise
Playing games with your mind
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