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Do you know what it is like to run? Do you know what it is
like to live in fear? Because she knows what it's like to run.
Because she knows what it's like to live in fear. Rape ritual.
How can I stand in silence while you are raping my sister?
Ritual! Throw it in the wind because I ain't with that. Say,
what have we done with mother, sister, daughter, lover? Beat
them down to submission, into that corner of constant fear.
Humanity reduced to a sexual commodity, objectification,
pretty faces. Molded imagery damn they drop the dirty mack
demands. She's more than booty to me; bypass her sexuality.
Tradition, your sexism is what you want me to learn. Surrender
gender hatred, fade it to kill it, compassion returns. 1 out
of 3, and they say my sisters are free, incarcerated by hat-
red. Propagated by sodomny, continual ritual victimizing my
sister. Physical rape is psychological murder. Ritual! Jenny!
Ho! Slut! Trick! Bitch! Buddy! Terms that burn in our popular
brutality. That media camera's at you, trying to show you
what's up. Illusion magazine fantasy got you feinding to bust
a nut. Body identity suffocates in her nudity - she's dying
inside. Fashions asking won't let her be. Strip her to flesh
for apathetic male ego. You bet the set ain't down with your
wak. Rape ritual! We got to meet this hate with love. We got
to meet this hatred with love. Why do we fall for it, fuel it,
sexual violence equality? Please. So-called alternative move-
ment statistics never confess her wounded aloneness , internal
inferno, locked away calm diminishment. Sharon Stone, you
ain't all that. Madonna, you ain't all that. Sell you shallow
shock value charade is wak. Sister, put a fist in what's
expected of you. Deny! Defy! False definition of you too;
there's no excuse for this brutality or this lack of humanity.
rape ritual. I say I throw you into the wind. I say your
traditions mean nothing to me.
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