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Yeah Man (Aye)
You already know what it is (Aye)
Trey called Trigga (Aye)
Aye man (Aye)
Show them why you rappin homie (Aye)

I aint never been nothin but a underdog
And I aint gonna neva let a nigga hold me under dog
Still ride in the drop
With my mind on the knot
You niggas never take what I got
For my underdog

Just copped new shoes
Whip on two twos
Dick down you two
Throw it on youtube
Tell me what youd do
If I was to do you
Baby after one time
Sure to make you come back
Back like spinal
Stack like dominoes
Catch me out in Mexico
Hasta Manana though
Hasta la vista
Chest full of reefer
Rep for my set till the day I meet the reaper
Petersburg veteran
USA resident
In USA Today it aint a city I aint never been
Scared I aint never been
Yea I aint never been
Nothing but a underdog
But I'm never under yall
Still keep it under there
Right by the underwears
Still in the hood yeah
I aint talking outer wear
They be moving powder there
Which one of you out of there
Wanna get it
Cuz I'm with it
f**k yall the underdog

[Chorus x1]

Said I got my city buzzin
You should take a trip and view it
Shout out to Mr.Rogers
Cuz he's supposed to chop and screw it
And my liscense just expired
So I got to go renew it
Cuz I just bought a truck
And I am dying to debut it
And naw it aint a Buick
I never redezvous it
I'm just in the 'Burg with Trigga
And I'm faded off the fluid
I made alot of money
Then I went ahead and blew it
Now I'm trying to make it back
So how the f**k you want to do it
My nigga you better do it(Aye)...do it
I say this here's a practice song
And lately I been out in Hollywood
Just acting wrong
What up to Jackie Long
I f**k with Jackie Long
I clown other dudes on the low
I like to laugh alone
I get my cash alone
That's why I shop alone
This here's my uncle's car
I drive it and the top is gone
Your skin looks like you bathe in magnesia
And coppertone
And girl I heard your man's a fed
Don't bring that cop along
I'm running every single light
Aint one I'm stopping on
This here's a classic jump
That big things are popping on
So baby wipe me down
I sell a watch and swap a home
I'm in this solo
No I do not have a chaperone
I'm in a proper zone
That's right the doctor's home
This here's my time
And I don't even think your clock is on
I am a trader
And I'm telling you my stock is grown
I run my city
Got it mobile like the lock is gone
Keys out
I aint talking white though
Baby what you be's bout
I mean for tonight ho
If I break them trees out
Pull them Double D's out
So I can J Holiday that ass
Before I leave's out
Holla at me shawty

[Chorus x1]
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