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Freak All alone,
With nowhere to call home.
There's nothing waiting anywhere for me.
My life's a waste,
Denied a pretty face,
And no one's lookin' deep enough to see.
Everything is beautiful
And shines in it's own way.
The prettier the uglier they'll be.
And a likely substitute for love
Is always empathy.
You'll see...
The freak.
I'm the freak.
Yeah, nobody wants to know me,
I'm the freak.

Cry away
Another dreadful day,
So I can go to sleep and find my dream.
'Cause life awake
Is all a big heartache,
The nature of the world is so obscene.
I don't believe in feelings
That I've hurt but never had.
I don't believe in heaven
Here in hell.
And I could leave this world today,
It might be just as well.
Oh well...I'm a freak.

All I know
Is hate from head to toe,
So what the hell am I supposed to be?
So I'll find a place
Where I can hide my face,
And never let them close enough to see.
I don't believe in adjuration,
I just believe in bad.
It's the only thing that's running through my head.
'Cause now I'm cursing my creation,
I think I'm going mad.
So sad...
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