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Top Of The Hill

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Top Of The Hill I'm hot as rock,
And on a roll.
No need to fight,
I've got my little hole.
I love the light,
It heals my soul.
I love my life,
My heart as good as gold.
I'm from the streets,
But I'm for real.
I never learned to covet
'Cause I feel...
Everything's okay (lonely world).
Have a happy day (lonely world).
Help is on the way (yeah).
Take me to the top,
Take me to the top
Of the hill.

I've got a girl,
I bring her flowers.
I go to work,
Believe in higher powers.
I'm such a sleaze,
I'll treat you dirty.
I'll play you like
I play the hurdy-gurdy.

Repeat Chorus.

I'm on a trip,
I love the B-side.
I'm flying high
And hanging by the seaside.
I'm on the key,
Behind the wheel.
No need to beg or borrow
'Cause I steal.
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