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Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny

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Easter Bunny

How you gonna battle?
I invented hip hoppin;
My little tail swinging
And my big ears flopping.
The Easter Bunny baby
I deserve to be arrogant;
You ugly, rapist,
Pelt wearing barbarian.

What you gonna do?;
You've got a bucket on your head
And a fu man chu.
The Great Wall
Couldn't keep you out of China;
Watch me rub my foot for luck
And stick right up your vagina.


* Come on!!;
Your bunny ass about
To feel the wrath of Khan.
Silly Rabbit
You'll need more than luck;
You've got two giant ears
But can't hear that you suck.

I drive a Mongol hoard
Your army is weak;
What? You going to attack me
With a posse of peeps?
I'll bite off your tail
And punch your teeth down your throat;
Then butcher your family
And make a new coat.

Easter Bunny

Take it easy baby
No need for this meanness;
We should keep it peaceful
Homeboy, Jesus!
I give people candy
You just like to pillage;
Why don't you get out of my face
And go back to your village?


From Poland to Korea
I ravaged the land;
Now my DNA's in dudes
From New York to Japan.
Easter My ass
You're not in the bible;
You're a fluffy bitch mascot
For Hallmark in denial!


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