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Get Down

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[RED RAT (announce):]
Well it's confy musical dingle
Groove Armada, featuring Stush and Red Rat, of course

Dip and galang
Dip and stand up
Body basic
It wont dance more though
Dip, galang, stand up
Every man in the world light up

So they just dip
Stand up
Every man in the world light up

Girls all stand up and watch me
They want their sushi
Move and try looking bushy
And I miss you, they just cut me

May have big booty
They are sweet like tutti frutti
Lips feel just like cherry
Angels and that's why I'm screeching

What I wait among the pressure
Jump and sing for lure a pedon
Body freeze and I pitch you up
Then boy, easy flick her off

Cause of this some girls get envy
Even then try mess up your party
Love, but be warned if you beat me
There is no need to compete

[Chorus 2x]

So me I chill in the VIP suite
See my DJ playing my beat
Every newscast adverting me
The dancefloor is where we will meet

All over the world, they're feeling
Is so sweet, MIB
Pop Style, well I'm free
All jealousy, is for me

Their contribution fell on the finite
Why you're smiling? Cause of my defeat
Left all the love alit by the magic
Then when I boom, then when I freak

Find my commotions gone through my teeth
Working the last of style for a beat
Bow now break to be the elite
Jealousy I'll be nice and sweet

[Chorus 2x]


[Chorus 2x]
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