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Betrayed Again

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No single fate, a broken generation.
Once guide by hope, now fallen into despair.
The chosen few play their game.
A man, his hands want to grasp,
But they don't need him anymore.
His eyes without light, his walk weak and still.
He lost all pride already years ago.

Sleeplessness every night
Throught of regret.
He knows there will be a tomorrow,
But why wake up again.
All he wanted was freedom,
The hope to perhaps fulfill some dreams.
A better life for his children,
A little piece from the sky...

But fate betrayed him again.
Family and friendship,
The only things he never had
Destroyed by comsuption,
Replaced by egoism and greed,
Just shame remains.
From the very beginning
He had no role in the game.
Given up, driven to alcohol,
To forget about everything.
The hope of a revolutioner died,
Silent, slowly and forever.
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