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Death Comes The Wedding Night

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Cold in my arms, so cold in my bed
As life slips away from you
Reason has fled
I hold you closer
Give my warmth to your skin
My eyes close tighter,
Fight the tears I'm crying

Stay with me, love
Stay with me here
Life has no purpose if you can't be near
We made a promise for eternity

You are my love
You are my life
I watch you leave
And extinguish my light
Your skin against my lips feels alien to me
A stone with softness yielding unnaturally

I love you more now
You've gone from my life
I'll never leave you
On the cold, endless night

Lying as one, lying, we two
Warmth leaves my body
And flows into you
I don't know where you end
Or where I begin
Falling to you falling apart
Red colours sheets
As it flows from your heart
Such sweet surrender
Slipping far from this room
My dearest friend,
I know I'll be with you soon

Rest now, my love
Feel pain no more
Sleep with the angels
And wake when I call
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