Texty písní Inquisition Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan Enshrouded by Cryptic Temples of the Cult

Enshrouded by Cryptic Temples of the Cult

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I am lord Satan, I am your king,
master of shadows, ruler of Hell.
Realm of all darkness, sorrow and death.
Kingdom of torture is my domain.
Follow the path that leads to the left...
in it you find wisdom and pride.
Fire and water, earth and all air.
These are the jewels to you I give.

Brothers of shadows, those of the cult...
sing to the heavens blasphemous hymns.
You are the ones that I behold
deep in my claws as weapons for war.
Rays from the mooon carry my words
for you to feel my presence at night.
Now is the time to reign on this earth...
creatures of Satan, creatures of mine.

On this night of a mystic moon...
We invoke you king of Hell
Ancient god of fire thrones
Make your presence be seen
Oh! Lord of mine
Touch me with your magic hoof
Hail Lucifer the prince
Hail Satan king of kings
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