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Pray 4 The Day

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[Intro/Chorus: Leah Siegal]
Pray for the day, your pain goes away
And for the time, wasted on goodbye
Can't get back the time, but you stay on my mind
Forgive me for the lies... and all the tears you've cried

[Ja Rule]
Yeah; so I pray, every night for a better day
It's like the world's Ike and I'm Annie Mae
But ain't no bitch here, though I shed so many tears for ya
Only cause a nigga care for ya
I'm talkin 'bout the world over, wake me when it's all over
I don't know if it gets any colder, or any warmer
I'm weak but I'm gettin stronger
Forever young but I'm gettin older, lend me your shoulder
But I don't wanna cry on it
But at times I feel a need to lie on it; closure
And some things will never change
I could be last but still way ahead of the game
I do my bid to go hot like 'Pac like Wayne
like Rick like Ray even muh'fuckin James
I'm just sayin, (Love Is Pain)
And all I ask of y'all is keep Rule in your prayers


[Ja Rule]
Yeah... hope to see you when I get there
Mile high heavenly skies will be a breath of fresh air
G5, nobody on my plane cause it's private
on my way to St. Elsewhere
I swear, I know they say the good die young and
I guess that's why I'm so scared
But I refuse to die and I won't die
until history records my greatness, Amen
I see angels, I see demons
I hear laughter, people screamin
Makes me wonder what's my reason for being here
And so I'm kneeling


[Ja Rule]
Sing a prayer for me
But don't nobody shed a tear for me I'm dyin inside as it is
If, lonely is the way of the walk
Then, I'm practically lyin in a coffin
How often do you tell someone you love 'em?
I bet not as often as you say you love summer
And it's gonna be the coldest winter ever while I'm locked up
CL and A-Team, one love and fuck fame

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