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I can't remember the face of my wife,
But from halfway around the world I can smell her hair.
And every stranger that brushes by becomes the love of my life,
Oh but I can't betray her, her arms are everywhere.

She said "don't just touch, I want you to crawl inside,"
As she backed out the door with both hands on my gun,
Well I never knew my father,
So I guess I don't expect that I will ever meet my son.

Now I surrender, I'll go blind to her side.
I guess I'll spend the evening in the passenger chair.

Yes I've studied the scriptures, the guidebooks, the maps,
Oh I drank, I drank, more from habit than thirst.
Somehow I never noticed that you only touch your shadow
When your feet are on the earth.

And I can't remember if I'm still on the train,
But I'll just trust the driver.
I just trust the driver.
Her arms are everywhere.

Please don't tell me where we're going.
Just drive. Just drive.
Please don't tell me where we're going.
I like to be surprised.
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