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The Motto: HOMO (Ashley Wylde ft. Jenna Anne)

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[Verse: Ashley Wylde]
I'm a lesbian, you don't get it do ya?
Type of swag everybody acting like they knew ya
Go downtown, Mile Hi City biiiitch
Them straight girls love me like I'm Bette Porter
Tell the fresh crew, I ball in Cali too
Clubbing hard, fucking women, ain't much to do
Big name, all the bitches wanna get fame
Got game, man, your bitch came, ain't shit changed
How you feel? Keeping real? Want a taste?
Twenty nothing sitting on your girlfriend's face, uhh
I'm in the club and I'm feeling myself
Rest in peace, James Byrd, say it loud, get it heard, okay
Getting laid? Well holla whenever that stop
My team gay, got K-Stew as our mascot
Tell Daf, "it's the hair that make me stay"
GLBT, don't fucking forget IQA
Me and LHead chill, yeah you know where that's at
Don't hate, see the rest of ya'll on tinychat
Ya know I wanna eat her, my swagger's off the meter
She know even if she's looking, bruh, I don't really see her
Oh, that's how ya feel?
Babe, that's really how you feel?
The pimping ice cold and the bitch is down to chill
No I'm not a man,
then again maybe I am,
I can almost guarantee she won't give a damn
Real bitches what's up?

[Chorus: Ashley Wylde]
Now he tryna get blown
You already know though
Not even once, that's the motto, keep it HOMO
and we bout it every day, every day, every day
We ain't sitting on a bench 'cause a playa gotta play
Every day, every day, fuck what all the hater's say
Can't see them 'cause the pussy in the way
Real bitches what's up?

[Verse: Jenna Anne]
One, time fuck one time
Then I get the bitch out like a smooth crime
Seven, pounds up front
Like a girl to keep it balanced so I'm checking out her butt
Got, mad pride, we in this bitch
Wish a fucker would make a scene in this bitch
And if a girl call, I'll put me in that bitch
That's my MO, add a B to that shit
I'm so hot, got game
Forgot, your name (oops!)
Talk stupid, off with your head!
Better yet girl, get spread, mm, yeah
I'm so young steeze, got a calming affect
like a beach side breeze
Funny how a breeze ain't enough to get high
Ain't shit high, less you seeing me, super fly
I, tongue kiss her other tongue
Skeet skeet skeet, water gun
Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt (coochie)
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