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Some of my friends are boxers
Down on the Wall Street
They are realy great guys
They came and said: Jolly
Stop fooling around Jolly
Come on and work for us
I said: Boys are you crazy?
They said: Dont worry about us
We will make a real man
Out of you
Everything went up and smooth
Red underwear, leather gloves
Becaup de vitamines
Thats just for good concentration
On Friday my first match
Was realized

Honey forgive me at last
That im not a boxer

Get rid of your football shoes
Im your Jolly Joker
And belive i tor not
Im gonna nibble on your ears
I killed the vitamins
And the rest is history
I hit anything that moved
First went the politician
The sekond knock out
Was referee
Honey what should i tell you
I got everything even that
They had to tie me up
But why did i have to
Piss in a glass?
They kept talking
About some polician
Mon ami, rival man
Was ever sweatig
They said:
Some, some politician
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