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Take My Hand

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This is unfamiliar
but i feel my heart yearning for more
i've been thru some battles
but now i realize what i'm fighting for

see I've been running in circles
left with no one to find
left with no expectations
because love was unkind
'til we found we
& made me believe

This love's like a star that fell from the sky
and now I see it burning in your eyes
there's no holding back
it's all or nothing or at all
time for you and i to break down the walls

This feels like a dream come true
I found all the answers when I found you

my love

ya nothing less than amazing
this feeling's unfailing to me
as long as you're beside me
I'll take you where you want to be

see I've was running in circles
left with no one to find
that was until i found you
now that's all behind me
cause we found we
& made me believe

just take my hand, we have the whole entire world to be free XINFINITY
just take my heart, the world is ours to be free
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