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How Do I

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There she goes once again,
The ghost of our love,it`s making me shiver
It`s only small drops of pain,
But even the rain can turn into rivers,
Thought I`d be safe,living behind this wall,
But the pressures too much,and it`s starting to fall.

So how do I get over you,
How do I survive living half the life that I knew,
Oh how do I get over you?
When you take away,
Everything I help to be true,
I wonder if you feel it too,do you?

Every where that I turn,there`s something there,
Something to remind me,
When I sleep it`s alone,still I reach out,
As if you`re beside me,
Thought I`d be safe,I tried to find something new,
But everything that I did,
Is something we used to do


Seems like every place,every person we knew,
Every sound every taste reminds me of you
I thought this would be gone,but it`s still so strong,
I keep holding on,what else can I do?

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