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Nervous Tension

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Nervous tension

Nervous tension
Is an unseen enemy of the human mind
Nervous tension can cause you
To lack confidence in yourself
To lose your concentration
And to be inefficient in your work

Nervous tension can prevent you from relaxing
To spoil your leisure hours
And rob you of the sleep you need at night
Nervous tension

Nervous tension

The purpose of this record
Is to train you in the art of relaxing
Both your mind and your body
Use it regularly

Train your mind through repetition
To follow the suggestions
And then you'll be ready to progress
To side two

The mind remains tense
When it is restlessly
Turning over personal problems
Worrying about financial matters

Or the conflicts of daytime plight
Or fretting over the troubles of the world
A mind so strained and tense
Cannot relax even in sleep

Night passes in uneasy dreams
The body is not refreshed as it should be
But you can overcome this difficulty
If you thoroughly relax your mind
Before you go to bed

Better still, you can learn to relax
From time to time during the day
So that nervous tension never builds up
To an unpleasant degree

Nervous tension
Nervous tension

You will carefully plan your course through life
You will think about your plan
Think about your interests
Think with the pleasure
Of the satisfaction you will feel

As the plan becomes reality
You will firmly imprint in your mind this phrase
"I maintain, at all times
A calm, confident, cheerful state of mind"
You will repeat it aloud to yourself
At least three times daily

You will give your mind and body
The rest they need to restore energy
Very shortly you will no longer
Need to listen to my voice

You will absorb and understand
The suggestions I have given you
And you will learn to give them to yourself

Nervous tension
Nervous tension

And now we shall begin
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