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Fate, I see your stare
Underneath your pale eyes
all is here, holding its breath to have life

Smooth, sleek smiles howl at my door
To hold me down
or move me on?
The pace makes it unclear
They smell of lust
Of sweetly silky rotting dust

Once they'll measure me coldly
Twice they'd beg me to try
Hope will always betray me
Its hand of stone has left the bitter mark on me
Bright, clean lies bleed from their lips
The twist of their tongues
a pattern in the puzzle
I will wait
I wait and cover the strain

Hopes, atrocities and daydreams
Lay it all on me
The cause that I should die for
Lay it all on me

Fate, I see your stare
All is here
Fate, I could not care less
All is here
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