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We always have a good time, I'm never left alone
I just call you any time, I know you'll be at home
I always pass you in the street, a face across the way
We have to keep our secret, it grows harder everyday

No one will believe me, no one will notice
That even though I try so hard, you just don't ever leave
I look into my mirror, I see you looking back
A face I seem to recognize from somewhere in the past

Schi-zop-hre-nic, schi-zop-hre-nic, schi-zop-hre-nic, schi-zop-hre-nic, schi-zop-hre-nic !

You see, I can't spare myself for anybody else
Cause I'm the man, I'm the one in love with himself
Schizophrenic, just a bloody mess
I shouldn't be allowed out on my own
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