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Miss Me With That

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Verse1:I heard them all,
All them lies,
Lost count round and round a thousand times but here it comes another lie...
Whoa oh whoa ohhh...
U lost ur phone,
It slipped ur mind,
Promise the last time was the last time,
Already know what u are for say so say this... Don't wish ur breathe
Chorus: miss me with that...
The only part of u I wanna see is ur back,
Miss me with that,
Save it for the last one...
I just got over one
You better ask somebody about me... I know just what u'll ask
For say so
Saaay this
Miss me with that.

Verse 2: Are u hearing me?
Look in my eyes
I ain't gat any energy anymore... To fight no
I'm over this
This waste of time
Whoa oh whoa ohhh
Ur car broke down
U are working late
Or Maybe today is just... day
Already know wat u'll for say so... say this
Don't wish ur breathe


Bridge: I bet
But I'm shaking my hand like this
Don't know why but I still love u
Wanna trust u
But I caaant
So I'll be what u are about to say... Boy

Chorus till fade
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