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Star For Life

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Mmmmmmmmmm, mmmm
Whooaaaa i am,
ah yeah,
your star light,
i ammmmm,

chorus: i am your star for life, entertaining for you and i'm willing to do anythang you want to, baby i'll shine so bright (ill shine so bright), when you look up at me you will understand we, were meant to be

1st verse: i am your song ready to be sung, and the name of this tune is i'm your number 1, whenever you need me, just call on my name and i'll be there in a hurry, and on that you can depend and never worry.

repeat chorus
2nd verse: You've drawn me to you mind, body and soul, and what we've got ohhh will never grow old, in my quiet time i feel, feel you wanting me so i let it be, i'll let it be, let it be

repeat chorus twice
bridge: happy days, are here again, 'cause it look like i've been blessed, i've been blessed with my best friend, to have and to hold you, for the rest of my life, so i gotta give in, i give in to what feels right

repeat chorus three times
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