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Kidney Stones for Easter

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MC Lars:
I woke up Easter morning in excruciating pain
I guess kidney stones they were coming through again
a mom in a hospital giving child birth
it's the guy version, listen, nothing feels worse
It's true the Easter Bunny had a new gift
It's ironic, chocolate eggs weren't on my list
Laid up in Olympia wish I could forget
How oxycodon tripped me out high on endocet
But Bryce is fine Bryce is chill
He can write rhymes taking little white pills
I'm hopped up on Red Bull let's cut to the chase
that's how I got kidney stones in the first place!

i do oxycodone for recreation
i don't need kidney stones to party for days and
i like my drugs made by smarter doctors
'Cause i don't want to gamble my life like proctor
pill popper even lil wayne thinks im crazy
cuz i'll pop an oc and drive i'm swayze
it's a doc holiday and i'm a daisy
lars pass them pills you know they don't faze me
poppin' anticholergenic action
benadryl or tagemet making me spin
dissolve the pill in a glass of cold water
extract the opiates and nod off harder
sitting back in my chair
the world looks so great from way up here
surfing up the internet on percocet
it don't get much better than this
best believe cobain and bradley knowles
hendrix, joplin, belushi showed
me how to do things right gotta stay vital
no need to fall in a downward spiral
there's a reason opiates through history
were used by our predecessors oh so swiftly
wrote these rhymes spun off watson
and i don't know if i'm ever ever gonna stop son
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