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Original Digital Gangsters

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The original digital gangsters
Rhymes from the future that will take you to the past
Breaking up the beats so hard they got a cast
Make you say the int, and Lars and YT so cash

MC Lars:
Remember Hotline? The Red H was incredible
Shareware app cracks, my server was indelible
Before AOL, eWorld and IRC
Prodigy was the first home computing ISP
My user handle? SPSN82B
2400 baud on Dad's Mac SE
That's when I, upgraded to my Mom's LC
To Netscape up on UseNet back in 1993
My BBS was super fresh HyperCard shot callin'
A YTCracker mighty hacker, hardly caught ballin'
ReBirth was fat, Cubase was poppin'
MIDI and MOD synths quantized and rockin'
mp3.com had the Bentframe Comedy
The Ghost in the Machine brought the digital harmony
The Internet was dangerous, the Internet was fun
Before Dual Core dropped still got things done

repeat chorus

It's back to the future from the top of the totem
Through these two copper wires // A line and a modem
From the days when Usenet used to have a grammar code
Before the mirror in your bathroom ever met your camera phone
The BBS mothership: sailed for the piracy
People on the web were concerned with their privacy
Net neutrality is killing me (TRUE)
What did telecoms do with money from me and you?
From the old school (old fool) where we serve and we leech
Give me free as in beer, give us free as in speech
Reverse engineering to stabilize the protocol
Up on IRC watching stolen cards overdraw
We were coders, carders, and gamers
Now we're nerdcore bangers, MySpace gangsters
Web 2.0 doesn't even stand a chance
If you diss P2P just to go hand-to-hand

repeat chorus

old fish in a young pond
still phishing your account with a rolly on my arm
roll you then I'm gone four nineteen chop ya dollar
sit a little taller than my contemporaries
I'm a little scary when I'm on the grind
experian and equifax had em on the line
used 'em all the time when i pulled the info
address and your social all up in my window
if i got your ip we can pull your nis
'Cause we got a bunch of databases think you get the gist
don't get angry, don't get pissed 'cause you see us pulling cris
and we make you ball a fist at your puter we dont miss
saw us up at defcon popping bottles getting gone
but you don't wanna see us on your screen
'Cause int80, Lars and YT make a killer team
and you know that were respected in the scene, ya feel me?
the original digital gangsters
rhymes from the future that will take you to the past
breaking up the beats so hard they got a cast
make you say that int and lars and yt so cash

repeat chorus
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