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House Of Blend

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I haven´t much to say today because the nowhere album´s on thinking to much about tomorrow and the insperation´s gone good times bad times seem to be the same when I´m doing something my mind is always somewhere else

All the talk about the one day plan has´nt got to me only my memories can make me feel free

Anything I can do anything in the house of blend is where I find my energy

I´m too occupied with my own dreams a numskull in a bed you tried to dissapoint me with the things you said but now I´m busy maybe in a month wake me up and fill my empty mind with doubts

Give me something to hate cause I can´t go on hating me give me someone to blame and tell me there´s nothing wrong with me eject me if you can reject me if I come again consciousley I will run into more fun...
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