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Perish In Fire

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Walking down the highway, I've got the Staff of Ra in my hand
Gotta see some people and I'm making sure that they understand
Baby's got a fuzz box, I think that she should use it now
Get this fucking bus in the air, I need me some chow
The turbines' running and the moon is down
Jolly Jack K is gonna nuke this town
Baby's got a fuzz box I think she's gotta use it now

Come on, superstar, won't you throw this old dog a bone?
I would hate to think of Venus spending her nights alone
I can think of easier ways of paying my dues
Choking on my chicken, singing 21st century blues
The man with the plan is always yanking on my wire
I got three words for you now: perish in fire

Frustrated, medicated, talk-a-streak American girls
I love them in the tar pit I love them till the end of the world
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