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Watch Me Fade

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We're all sinking in our hearts now, people
100 screens upon the wall
A pretty cloud of confusion come to cover us all
You're a smoking hot mutation, baby
You nearly tanned yourself to death
The way you learn that worm just makes me lose my breath

Well pull me up and watch me fade
Your dirty mind is driving me insane
Those good old days ain't coming back again, oh no

So keep your eye upon the saucer, baby
Ignore the world as it bleeds
You've got your phone and your mirror, what else do you need?

Well pull me up and watch me fade
Your distorted lies just say the same old thing
My peace of mind ain't coming back again
While the hydra's head just started raping my brain
(While this hydra head keeps raping my brain)
(While the hydra's head going straight to my brain)
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