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Level 1

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Rise all my soldiers the Lich king is here
* Gather your "chars" to set some fear
We're all level one and we fight with our hands
See you in Bad Lands

But now when we're here they say that we're wrong
They're leaving my raid now I'm standing alone
I'm walking in Bad Lands with my wooden sword
Now I'm running for live cause I'm hunted by hordes

I'm trying to escape to Ironforge
I'm hunted by the hordes
They're mounted and it so far away

I'm sick of being be ganked all fucking day
In Stormwind I will stay
And then I will be so AFK

I'm walking through Deadmines
With cloth on my mage
And I try to fight the mobs
But it hurts

I'm calling my friend because he's fat and alone
You're using Skype instead of the phone
He's at level 80 and epic like hell
I'm all out of spells

Now I'm standing outside cause I'm waiting for you
But I'm not alone the hordes are here too
I try to be friendly please what have I done
Don't kill me I'm just level 1.

I try to blink away
This is how I play
The same old story
Every day

I don't want to die
As junior noob ally
But when I'm in outlands
I'll fly
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