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Radio trash

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I can't stand up on my own
It's hard to raise my voice
I don't like that choice

I was not the one to praise
A little boy of war
A little something more

And they can't stand me now
Cause now I am the truth
Of every lie the told
This story's getting old

Deliver their heads to me and I will finally come to love them
Deliver their lives to me and I will finally do forgive them

If I ever find a way to let them join my family
Then I rather die that day

If they ever find a way to put their lies in you again
Mother don't feel any shame

Mother don't take what they give
They're just an empty shell
It's time to say farewell

What they said was never true
I only needed more
To live my life hardcore

My mother said to me
You know your enemies
I said I disagree
They're just a fucking itch to me

My mother said to me
If they ever bother you
When they hit you hit them to
That is what I gotta do
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