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Wheelz of Steel

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As I sit in my b-boy stance
With flip-flops and socks, and sweatpants
We finna enhance your brain, check it out

[Verse One (Big Boi, Andre):]
Once upon a time not long ago
When the player from the Pointe didn't have no flow
A nigga hit me for my tennis shoes, walking to the store
Caught a nigga slippin, but now I lay it to the floor
just like carpet, cause I got the heat in my rhythm
Momma nay not, never braggin just to stay knot
Even when I was a younger lad I learned my lesson
Never talked to strangers in the trap and answered questions

The Pope and his folks got us under a scope
But for unknown reasons cause we don't sell dope
That you distribute, we don't contribute, to your clandestine
activity, my soliloquy, may be hard for some to swallow
But so is cod liver oil
You went behind my back like Bluto when he cut up Olive Oyl
Two things I hate lies and thieves they make my blood boil
Boa constricted, on my soul that they call

[Chorus (Andre):]
Touched by the wheels of steel...
Now show me how you feel...
Touched by the wheels of steel...
Now show me how you feel...

[Verse Two (Big Boi, Andre):]
It took your momma nine months to make it
But it only took a nigga thirty minutes to take it
Cut that kronk clean up I did, but I did so not safely
Don't want no AIDS, *clapping* no claps, or no rabies

Yo, we take no shit, like um, stopped up comodes
Gotta collect call, they done locked up my folks
Low blow, hit me in the left ventricle
We won't be able to ride out till two thousand four

But not for long cause we got a better sack to serve
Trying to take you other people for your rims at the curb
Fore you swerve and bust ya forehead, go head, go head
More head for me, while you ride to the beat

Drop, like Tears, like For Fears, you know
Shout Shout let it all out, just for my peers
And pupils who feel like it's time to unwind
Like December 31st, on nineteen-ninety-nine


[Verse Three (Andre):]
OK, like this, yeah yeah
One time for my boy doing King shit
Two times for Legit and it don't quit
Three times for my folks in the drop top
Four times OutKast and it don't stop
One time for my cause doing Queen things
Dead fresh to the teeth eating chicken wings
Three times for my guhls in the beauty shop
Four times OutKast and I
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