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I don´t believe what I can see
Blast it
Maybe I got high but somehow
I don´t understand it
I´m down
I see myself on a dirty dunghill
Hey C. so C. so tell me something
But I only stare at the sky
Apologize to God that I fucked my sister
Immediately after she died

And I see all that hallucinations and
I breathe bad feelings and
I cough them all back
In hallucinations and
I beg you help me

I don´t believe what I can see
Maybe I´m crazy
Maybe it´s my fuckin´ destiny
I don´t trust in God
I trust nobody
Hey believe me that
I see my second reality
I see the worst fate of mine
I´m full of crap
I´m crazy motherfucker

And I see them all
Dead bodies
And I see them all
It´s around me
You´re my friend
I hope you gonna trust me
You want the reason
The reason is your fuckin´ God
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