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You were my beliefs all rusting over
And I was the support within your spine.
We noticed that the stars were all exploding
So we stared into the sky until we were blind

Then cut off both of our arms and reached for nothing
And rewound the frames that twisted in our minds
And we watched separate lives in backwards motion
So we ended up connected at the sides

I wondered if the sky was just a ceiling
And you wondered if the ground was just a floor
Oh how the world will make a fool of a believer
I was a believer once before

You will come home [x8]

But the airways in our stomachs (You will come home)
Never seemed to find it funny (You will come home)
As we'd float above the ocean (You will come home)
While I loved you from a corner (You will come home)
Through the bricks and through the borders (You will come home)
Without motions (You will come home)

So we'll place all our remains (You will come home)
Within a freezer (You will come home)
And believe that they won't spoil (You will come home)
And I'll trade being your spine (You will come home)
With another one who thinks (You will come home)
That he can keep your bones aligned (You will come home)
And I'll watch until he finds that (You will come home)
I'm your home (You will come home)

You will come home [x14]
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