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Inside Out

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'30 years ago, society believed that no price was to high, we thought that
industry could come at any cost. We cannot afford to pay that price any

So finally my journey ends
And through this wound my soul can mend
Guilt is my blood
I'm being drained
This is my home, I will stay...
There's always someone inside
Fighting to get outside
The "knowing-right-from-wrong side"
Our home is inside!

I've travelled the world around
In search for some Grail of mine
How could I be so blind?
It was always here:inside
I have only some weeks to give
But at last... I live
[D. Gildenlow]

Life's just a line of situations
A matter of occasions
And mystic correlations
The work of a Machine!

Here in a world split to nations
We fail to see the relations
Between the Wheel and the Machine
And of the scars we're leaving...

I swear there's someone inside
Fighting to get outside
Just give it all an hour
By the Concrete Lake!

'I dread the day my children will ask me why. I dread the day when I will
have to explain to them that people thought it was acceptable to destroy
the environment so that we could have jobs. I dread the day I will have to
explain to my bright-eyed Joshua, who talks to dogs and listens to the
grass screaming, that we were all to busy driving fast cars, rushing our
children off to day-care, and finding seniors' homes to our grandparents
and listening to the ringing of cash registers.

We were all too busy to hear the grass screaming.'
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