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Seas Of Madness

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Well the children of tomorrow are knocking down your door
& screaming out the words you heard before
We are living with the sorrow, the pain will be no more
The tide can drag you down or back to shore

I took a ride into the future
It pulled me under & it took my breath away

Seas of madness
The night will guide the way
You're breaking out from this masquerade
Seas of madness
When will they understand? You've washed away
Circles in the sand, circles in the sand

Now you're pulling back the curtains
That once concealed your mind
Face the truth you've lived & wasted time
Things are very certain, look and you will find
Years have passed you by cause you were blind


& I know they've taken all your wisdom
& left you now with indecision
Don't let them steal the air you're breating
You're gonna sail away forever

I took a ride into the future
& what it showed me was my past
The ocean waits for my surrender
It pulls me under & it takes my breath away
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