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Ol Bluehair

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can't make it last watching gin and soaks fall
losing count suddenly its last call
she pick it up wishes us happy New Year
wants to talk I pretend I didn't hear
pocket book fill it up with lemonade
counts her change knocks one back for flag day
I care more than you might imagine
she's just my elderly companion
unlevel speaking to the ceiling
sickened by the feeling
to constantly be breathing in and out
I've been saving up for when I'm running down
less coke for me baby you can mix that for me now

string of shells clashing with her face paint
I remember once underneath her heart raced
bad tooth aching from the ice cube
past youth that ain't you she's talking to
didn't work tending to her dog's grave
probably be buried by the same faith
I forgave why can't you forgive?
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