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Ja In A Bra

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[Intro: Ja rule]
It's Murda... (ha ha ha)
It's Murda... we back up in this muthafucka!
It's Murda... y'all know who we be
Yeah, aiyyo don't let me catch ya runnin from the back of BET either nigga
(my nigga Fatal on tha muthafuckin ones and twos)
Holla back you bitch ass niggaz
Y'all haven't heard yet that nigga change is "Loose"
And I got "Proof" get it, I got "Proof"

*Beat Switch
[Proof Talking]
You Know My Name Its Like This PROOF
D12, Sicknotes.. Its War Now!! WOOF!!
No Prisoners, No Casualties, All My Riders Lets Ride C'MON
[Verse 1: Proof]
Word on the street is I murdered this INC
Your wack with your hands, not deserving the heat
Your nervous in beef, to Irv and his peeps
I ain't rapping no more,
I speak through the curb in the streets
Ya henchman got this bitch to get a poor job
That makes the Cookie Monster
hanging from a door knob
Ya lucky I don't like touching women
And don't send no peace talks
coming through Russel Simmons
Got the right connections, mic conceptions
Yo, with beef you sleep,
your life is definately GONE...
Don't ever seep at least a woof of rap
You'll need more than a Bush
attack to push me back
You think it's just 50 and Sha
Listen up Ja, no kissing or not,
Detroit city wishin you die
I know you wanna just rap and be pop
But before it's said and done
your gonna see Pac

[Hook: Proof]
Ya'll don't want war, ya'll want talk
In the dark my doggs all bark like ROOF
Proof n.igga, I'm a wolf
Got you all shook
About to get your brains pushed back

[Verse 2: Proof]
Chris Gotti
This nigga had the nerve
to have 10 niggas sneek me
Just to get wit me
I'm only 160, and the fact is
Murder INC is Dj's and kittens
I only walked out with scratches
Wearing a Rolex Shirt
So if thats your streets speaking,
your threats don't hurt
You cowards, do something before we do ours
I could write a Ja Rule album in two hours
Right down on your back, run your pockets flat
Like federal tax, put your head on a rack
It's so bad, only be good is death
In LA, G Unit Posted and Suge Left
Fat Bitch
I'm from Detroit, went to holla in Hollis
Niggas is like "Ja's garbage, don't even bother"
Plus your over, gangstas is ?
50 made wanksta,
and wanksta's definition is ain't tough
With bitches with ya'll wanna
brawl with a paint brush
Painting his war marks,
I'm losing my patience
It ain't just D-12 and Obie
Homie cancel your shows, respect,
and act like you know me
If you say Hailies name again, I'm catching a jet
911 style, to your face and your chest
911 style, to your face and your chest
It's over nigga getting wet on the set


[Outro: Proof]

Ha.. I Aint Even Talkin No More
I Cant Believe My Name Came Out Your Hoe Ass Mouth Nigga
Talkin Bout.. Like "We Gave It To Proof"
Your Bitch Ass Was Scared To Come In That Club Nigga
Ya'll Aint Got That..
Ima Tell You Like This.. Black-Child, Chris Gotti..
Im On That Ass Nigga, Word Is Born
So Ya'll Niggaz Go Get Ya Wanna-be Street Niggaz
Recruit Who You Wanna Recruit..
Cus Ima Murk All Ya Soldiers And Recruit Ya Bosses When Its Over
Nigga Big Proof.. D12..
Only 163.. I Left Out With Scratches Nigga
Wait Till Ya'll Niggaz Come To The D'
Oh Ya'll Want New York.. I Just Love (?) I'll Be Back
F**kin With Ya Bitch..
Ayo Cookie Monster.. Come Get Me Nigga hahaha Hoe Ass Nigga
hahaha And Dont Make Me Really Write Some Shit haha
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